Nigerians’ Average ‘Penis’ Size Falls Below Expectations — Report

…reveals countries with largest average erect penis size

Researchers have conducted an analysis of data from nearly 90 countries to determine the average erect penis size among men.

The study, published by World Data, reveals that Ecuadoran males have been ranked as the most well-endowed in the world, with an impressive average size of 6.93 inches.

Among the top 20 countries, half were located in Africa, while three were from South America, North America, and Europe, respectively.

The study’s authors at World Data highlighted the significant interest in the average size of male genitalia, noting that it has been a frequently asked question on their website.

They explained that their team extensively searched through studies dating back to 2001 in order to compile a comprehensive list.

Cameroon secured the second position in the rankings, boasting an average length of 6.56 inches.

However, Nigeria, unfortunately, did not meet expectations and placed much lower on the list, occupying the 44th position.

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