Waste to Wealth: Firm engages 400 people in recycling

In order to turn urban waste to wealth, a manufacturing firm, Lexsz Plastic, has engaged over 400 employees for the collection of various beverage pet bottles and classification of plastic waste for recycling.

Besides, the company said it has invested in four production lines refining and processing the entire West African region’s plastic recycling.

According to the Executive Director of the company, His Royal Highness, Oba Olufemi Akowe, the firm had taken the lead in waste to wealth management by empowering both the public and private sector operators in clearing of waste in the environment.

He explained that his company buys waste as raw materials for production.

The executive director of Lexsz said the firm was in the habit of buying plastic waste as raw materials from people.

He emphasised that since the company started operation in Nigeria in 2011, it has relied solely on waste supply by individuals, government agencies cleaning dump sites and its own waste cleaning efforts to acquire raw materials for recycling to feed the factory.

“We rely on individual who go round the cities and towns picking wastes and later sold to us. We also help the governments in some south west states to clear their dump sites and even pay their agencies, Oba Akowe said.

He stated  that the production’s scale of PET bottles and performances per year amounted to over 100,000 tons to meet major chemical Yangtze River Delta region of China class enterprise demand for a large number of raw materials.

Oba Akowe stated further that since he entered the plastics manufacturing sector through waste recycling, his firm has played a prominent role in enhancing the cleaning of environmental waste in Ogun State and other surrounding states.

He said: “With over 10,000 local workers, the company’s production not only safe a lot of energy and resources but is also effective for environmental protection in some areas in Lagos State.”

Specially, he said Lexsz has contributed immensely to the state government department like the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA).

The company, he added has achieved modern enterprises and scientific management in terms of quality of products.

He said: “In 2011, it passed the ISSO 9001 quality management system certification of advanced production equipment and sound management system.

“Its operations are powered by IPP initiative with gas turbine from the Nigeria Natural Petroleum Corporation. As the company plays leading role in the plastic sector, it has nevertheless continued to explore other potential areas of investments in the Nigeria economy.”

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