‘He loved early morning sex, I will dearly miss him’

Tanzania’s First Lady, Janet Magufuli, has eulogized her late husband following his death, which occurred on Wednesday evening.
In an emotional speech delivered to the state, the former First Lady could not relent to let out her feeling, which were cut short by the death of her husband.
The former primary five teacher recalled the precious moments she shared together with the late Tanzanian President while he was alive.
Beside being a jovial man full of humor and laughter, the First Lady recalled how her late husband was also romantic when it comes to love.
The First Lady said that she will truly miss the good moments they shared together.
“He loved morning sex, I will dearly miss him so much.”, said Janet.
The First Lady also said that President Magufuli was a dedicated man, who had passion for Tanzanian and was committed in ensuring their economy prosper to another level.

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